The Legend of ZELDA The Reborn Goddess of the Olds Chapter 5: The Great Epona

As Link is going to the Lon Ordon Ranch the Mayor name Bo yells Link's name


Link: “yes?”

Bo: “have you seen Ilia?” Bo question him with a grin.

Link: “she at the spring.” Link answer.

Bo: “ok.” Bo stop grinning and Bo stands there looking at noting else.

Link: he question Bo about Epona. “Who's this horse belongs to, Mayor Bo?”

Bo: Bo sweats “What?! Uuuuhhhhh nnnnoooo!!!! I NEVER MET THA- NOTING!!!” Bo sweats more as he whips his sweats.

Link: “You met him.” He guess.


Link: “oookkkkaaaayyyy.....” Link left Mayor Bo and went Lon Ordon Ranch....finally...

Fadio yells Link's name like always

Fadio: “AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEE LLLLLIIIINNNNKKKK!!!!” Fadio having trouble with Goats and Cucus chasing him. “HHHHEEEELLLPPPP!!!” Epona has a magical little stone around her neck making Epona to speak.

Epona: “Link get on my back!” She speaks

Link: “ok! Wait wha-?!” Link got in shock.

Epona: “No time to explain! Lets help Fadio!”

Link: “ok!” Link get on of Epona and doesn't know what to do.

Epona: “make the goats move and those cucus move”

Link: “how?”

Epona: “you know like “yell” at them so they can move?”

Link: he does as Epona ask to do and it work. “Wow it work! How did you (know all of this, Epona?)”

Epona: “(My master.) He is the best master I ever (had!)”

Link: “what's his name-?”

Epona: Epona interrupt him and tells him something mysterious. “(But my master is now in trouble so his daughter came to rescue but now she been in trouble too so she gave me this magical little stone so I can speak only to her but as now I met you you'll be my master for now!)”

Link: “soo.....”

Epona: “Fadio is coming!! Act natural!!” Epona stop speaking and speaks as a horse does.

Link: “......” Noting

Fadio: “Thanks, Link!!”

Link: “No problem, Fadio!!”

Fadio: “I wonder if this horse (live here ones...)”

Link: “I notice this horse loves melody I play with Chesty”

Fadio: “Hmmm.....”

Link: “Well I better go...birthday not going to be moving by itself.”

Fadio: “Oh it's you and Arylle birthday today!! Well I have gift so wait....Happy Birthday!!”

Link: “Thanks, Fadio.”

Fadio: “Well see you in your party, Link!!! Say Arylle I said Happy Birthday to her!!”

Link: “I will.” Link start to ride Epona and Epona jump the fence because its closed.

Epona: she introduce herself and taunts “By the way I am (The Great Epona, the Legendary Horse who help the hero!)”

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