I will begin to write The Legend of ZELDA: The Reborn Goddess of the Olds Chapter 6: Trouble Noble

Link was curious about Epona's master and his daughter. Link wonder who are they and what they live today.

Epona: “well today is a-”

Epona was interrupted by three little kids name Bethie, Talord, and Malord.

Bethie: “hey Link!!” She gives a gift to Link. “Your welcome!!!”

Link: “thanks.”

Talord: “here!!” He give him a gift to Link. “Your welcome!”

Link: “thanks.”

Malord: “uuhhhmmm here.” He gives him a gift. “It's not much as a gift but it's your birthday tho so I have give you something to make you happy.” Malord does noting but leaves.

Bethie: "I wonder this horse belongs to." Bethie wonder.

Link: “The horse belongs to me for now..” Link answer.

Talord: "really?!" He move his wooden stick. "Whoa!"

Link: "yeah." He repile.

The Legend of Zelda TRGotO Chapter 6: Trouble Noble (Parte dos) part two

Bethie: “What about Chesty? Where Chesty master now belongs to?” Bethie ask with a face of almost sadness.

Link: “Chesty will be at the Lon Ordon Ranch” Link answer.

Bethie: “oh...” She replied.

Link: he gives a smile to Bethie.

Then Malord came

Malord: “I heard they are selling a Slingsho....” He tell everyone softly voice.

Talord: “They are?!” Talord shocking face.

Bethie: “yeah!” She answer. “But you know..everything has to be money.”

Talord: "how much?!" Talord ask.

Bethie: "find out by yourself."

Talord: “Hm!" He's upset.

Then they start arguing as Link walks away.

Link: "Slingshot huh? Well I should make money by breaking pots or something." Link question himself.

Then almost old man name Rusl (yay more TP!!) came to Link.

Rusl: "Ahhh Link! It's nice to see you!" As he rush to Link.

Link: "It's nice to see you too, Rusl." Link replies.

Rusl: "Here Link." He give him a gift that is a wooden sword. "Open it"

Link: he opens it and it is a Wooden Sword. Link poses by looking up raise his right hand up as Epona looks at weirdly and it explains what it is.

(You got a Wooden Sword! It's your birthday goodie! You must feel very shocking time!!!)

Rusl: "I was thinking. Why would I gave you a sword? Because you need something to defend yourself right?" He ask Link.

Link: "You're right, Rusl."

Rusl: "Why not teach you the sword skills now, Link?"

Link: "That would be a great idea!!"

Rusl: "Ok then! Follow me" he starts walking. //me: he starts walking before he knows it//

Link: Link follows Rusl while he's riding Epona slowly.

Rusl: Rusl stop at he front of Link's House.

Link: he gets off of Epona.

Then a boy name Coilin came a watch.

Legend of ZELDA: TRGotO Chapter 6: Trouble Noble (Parte 3) part 3

Rusl: "Are you ready, Link?"

Link: "Ready."

Collin: "..." He said noting

As Rusl is teaching Link for five minutes. Bethie, Talord, and Malord grab Collin. Rusl and Link never notice.

Collin: "Let me go!" Collin finally speaks.

All four kids them are next to a bridge.

Coilin: "Help! Someone help!"

Then someone appear so golden and bright that no one can't see who it is but except Collin.

Bethie: "it's so bright!!" She left.

Talord: he left as well.

Malord: left as well.

Collin: "Um thanks.."

???: "" The person replied.

Collin: he walks to that person and hugs that person.

???: person hug back with tears.

Rusl and Link came running.

???: "I must.....go.. Don't tell anyone about me...Collin..." Person disappears.

Collin: "Bye miss or girl."

Rusl and Link came finally.

Rusl: "Are you ok, Collin?!"

Collin: "I'm ok..papa"

Link: "Well I wonder you have a (brother.)"

Rusl: "(We do. His name is Coiln, my first son.)"

Collin: he look down. "I wonder when we are going to meet him.." He question.

Rusl: "I'm not sure.." He answer. "Link lets go back to training." He starts walking.

Link: he follow Rusl. "I know who is bullying him now." he's upset. "I'll be back." He ask Rusl.

Rusl: "Sure."

Link: Link goes to Ordon Village. "Bethie! Talord! And Malord!" He talk to them not in a rude way.

Bethie, Talord, and Malord: “Yyyyyyeeeeesssss???" Three them are scare little.

Link: "Why you three bully poor Collin?!" He question them.

Arylle: she came with Collin. "Oh really?"

Bethie: she left.

Talord: also left as well.

Malord: left as well.

Link: "I can't believe it." he went back to Rusl.

Arylle: "Don't worry, Collin. I'll be here with you all the time.." She smile at him.

Collin: "Thanks." He smile as well.

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