Legend of Zelda: The Reborn Goddess of the Olds chapter 4: The Yelping Horse

Link goes search his horse name Chesty, the black stallion horse that belongings to Link. Link knows that his birthday today so Link got a hard time to decide to go search or enjoy the birthday.

Link: “Birthday or horse?! Birthday or horse?!” Keeps repeating “Gah!! This is hard!!!” Then his horse appears washed up. Link jaw drops.

Link: he's jaw dropping “WHY!!! Chesty are you ok?” As he walks to his horse. His horse Chesty is chewing his shirt and Link gives her an apple. Chesty eats the apple than his shirt.

Link: “please Chesty, don't eat my shirt ok? It's bad for you ok Chesty?” Chesty nods and Chesty went to the ranch by herself.

Link: “Well.....birthday time!!” He went to Ordon Village and sees a man that is tan skin almost black skin look-alike, Ordon cloths style, brown short hair almost curie, and he calls Link.


Link: “yes, Fadio?”

Fadio: “can you help me with the goats and the cucus?”

Link: “Ok then. Is Chesty there?”

Fadio: “yeah. She just eating apples.”

Link: “Ok good!” He took a breath Fadio left Link and went to the ranch. As Link is walking to his house, he heard a horse yelp.

Link: he turn around “What was that? Was that a horse?” Link follow the horse yelps and he found a brown and white color horse and he's at a spring and saw his close friend Ilia, the daughter of Mayor Bo.

Ilia: Ilia is walking toward a brown and white color horse and she saw Link. “Oh, hello Link. I wash your horse Chesty minutes ago.”

Link: “thanks Ilia.” He smiles at her

Ilia: she smile back “your welcome.”

Link: “so who's this horse belongs to?” He question.

Ilia: “I'm not sure. This horse is name Epona and it's a she so treat her nicely. Epona has a collar but it's scratch.”

Link: “I see”

Ilia: “don't you have work to do? And can you play that melody that Chesty hates?”

Link: “sure” he grabs the horse grass and blows the Epona Song. Epona goes to Link.

Ilia: “She must love it so much that she thinks she you master!” She giggle

Link: “She must love that melody so much! Right! I have to go Ilia! Bye!”

Ilia: “Bye, Link" Link left her as Epona follows him. He went to Lon Ordon Ranch.

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