The Legend of ZELDA: The Reborn Goddess of the Olds. Chapter 7: Chesty's Death in Birthday Time

As Link finish practicing with his Wooden Sword. Collin came and gives Link a gift.

Collin: “” He gives Link a gift.

Link: “Thanks, Collin.”

Collin: “....” He said noting.

Link: Link open his gift and it is Fishing Rod.

You obtain the the Fishing Rod!!! Collin made it for you!! How very sweet he is!! Use it to fish stuff by pressing the - button and put it on ←↓→pad and press B to use it!!

Collin: “ made it for so we can go fishing know.”

Link: “I don't like it. But I love it!” He smile.

The camera roll to Arylle when she see them with a red telescope with stickers of Seagulls and Sea Turtles.

Arylle: “Link! I need your help big brother!”

Link: “What is it?!” He slighting worry.

Arylle: she grab his hand and took him in Lon Ordon Ranch where Chesty at. “Chesty is sick, Link!” She cried.

Link: “” He cried in tears.

Chesty die of terrible illness she had.

Link: “Chesty.....”

Arylle: “it's ok, Link... You have me and mama...” She held her hand to his shoulder saying its fine.

Link goes to to Ordon Village and everyone come out and say “Happy Birthday Link and Arylle!!!”

Link and Arylle is in shock and surprised.

Arylle: “Aww thanks!!” She happily smile of cheerful.

Link: he smile as well.

As the party of Link and Arylle is over. Link is always thinking about his dear horse Chesty. Leaving him Nightmares or Mysterious of that same person who wants help from him.

Link: “........Chesty......oh......Chesty!!”He cried. “I want you alive...” He said it in his mind.

Then Link got the same Mysterious dream that he had again of that person needing help from him...

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