The Legend of ZELDA The Reborn Goddess of Olds Chapter 8: Sad Ghosty Girl with None Lifelonging Parent History

then the next day, Arylle wants to tell her big brother Link that she saw an odd (somewhat ghostly young girl looking for help of a lad.)

Arylle: "Link! Link! Where are you big brother?! Liiiinnnnkkkk!" she shouts for him. "Big brottthhhheerrr! Ahoy!"

Link is dreaming of a Mysterious Dream again....

Link's Mother: "Link!! Wake. Up!!

as always Link wakes up terribly.

Link: "Yeeessss, mother?"

Link's Mother: "Wakie, wakie!! Sleepily Head...!"

Link: he get up and goes to the kitchen. "Coming."

Link's Mother: "I heard your little sister calling you, Link." as she cooking.

Link: "She is?" he question.

Link's Mother: "Yes."

Link: he hears Arylle yelling his name. "I see."

as it, Link goes outside and saw Arylle.

Arylle: "Ahoy big brother!!" she smile as to well weak smile.

Link: "What's wrong Arylle?? You seem a little someone hurting you?..." Link worries.

Arylle: "No....i just....a.....a.....ghosty girl looking for a lad! And then! She was standing next to you when you are asleep!! Really scared me!! She was (saying odd things that are very sad....but then....I cry.....and she saw me and left...)"

Link: "Odd....." Link thought about it..

Arylle: "I feel bad for her...i wonder if she really a ghost....i wonder what (happen to her mom and dad.....)"

as Link is about to say something. Epona rush really quick like if she was in a journey with her old master. As that happens, Link followed Epona. Then he sees Ilia his close friend washing Epona.

Ilia: she turns around ans saw Link standing there helplessly. "Hi Link. I wash Epona for you."

Link: "Thanks...."

Ilia: "Link.....will that melody that Epona likes? i seem not to get it right.."

Link: "Sure.." as it, Link grab the horse grass and plays Epona's Song.

dooo do dooo, dooo do doo doooooo doooo. Link play the Epona Song!!

Epona rush to Link.

Ilia: "Shouldn't you be at the ranch, Link?"

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