The Legend of ZELDA The Reborn Goddess of the Olds chapter 3: The Young Lad in the Village

Link woke up really got scare in a mysterious dream. Then the women speaks to Link.

???: “Link!! Finally you woke up!! Do I have to keep waking you up?! You already know that your mother doesn't want you late for work!!” Link's Mother is disappointed to Link.

Link: “....sorry” Link Apologizing. “I just got a bad dream.”

Link's Mother: “what dream?” She question to Link.

Link: “that same dream again...” He scratches his back head as he gets up out of his bed and coming down to the kitchen.

Link's Mother: “that's strange...” She starts to cook as Link sits down on a chair.“ you what day it is?” She ask him.

Link: “.........” He said noting.

Link's Mother: “you lazy worm! You forgot what day it is?!” She gets little disappointed.

Link: “......yes......” He felt shame.

Link's Mother: “it's your birthday!! And your sister's birthday today!!” She got excited.

Link: “oh....” He barley remember.

Link's Mother: “well go say happy birthday to her, Link. Ok?”

Link: “yes mom” he replies. Link went out of his house and he notices his horse is missing..

Link: “Hey where's my horse?!” Then he signs. He goes in a village where he live and his house is close to it.

Link: “ahhhh....Ordon Village where I live......” He signs again.

Link: “now where my little sister?” Then he shouts softly.

Link: “Arylle.....” He repeats and again repeats.

Link: “where is she? Right....she not here yet.......” He remember that his little sister Arylle does not live Ordon Village anymore because she wanted to live at her cousins house. Then three carriages came to Ordon Village and stops. Then a little boys and little girl come out of the carriages then the adults come out of the carriages, then Link's Sister, Arylle come out of the carriage and she hugs Link.

Arylle: “Link!!! I miss you so much!!!!” She cried.

Link: “I miss you too, Arylle” as he slowly hugs his sister.

Arylle: “well today is our birthday today!!” She cried excitedly.

Link: “I know that...”

Arylle: as she stop hugging Link. “I'll be here forever!” She jumps excitedly.

Link's faced was beaming.

Link: “that's amazing!!” He jumps excitedly too.

Arylle and Link: “YYYAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!” They both got very happy and Link went to his house and tells his mother the big great news.


Link's Mother: she got scare when he yells happily and she got shock. “say that again?!”

Link: he repeats one more time this time a little bit soft voice. “ARYLLE IS GOING TO STAY HERE FOREVER!!!!”

Link's Mother: “really?!” She is happy.

Link: “YES!!” Link's Mother jumps excitedly like no one could ever do.

Link's Mother: “I'm so happy!!!” Then she goes back to cooking.

Link's Mother: “well I'm gals so happy she here forever...” Then link suddenly forgot he had his horse missing.

Link: “my horse!!!” He rush outside and search for his horse.

Will Link find his horse? Will we meet face to face of an lady friend?

Lets find out in chapter 4: The Birthday Search of The Legend of ZELDA The Reborn Goddess of the Olds.

Not The End Written By Share Garcia

(>-_-)>+------ well exxxxxcccccuuuuuuusssssseeeee PRINCESS!!! -legend of Zelda TV Series

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