The Legend of Zelda The Goddess of the Olds Prolong

Once Upon A Legend, there was two girls 

and three snakes who are friends together and ever. The two girls are different each other. One has bright golden hair, dress in light blue, blue eyes, one ear rounded and the other ear is getting pointed, wearing a crown on the top of her head, and oddings she has 3 triforces on her left hand, right hand, and her forehead.

The other girl is strange, she wears a white dress, rounded ears, a sea shell bracelet, a cross necklace, hair is made of 

cloud, green eyes, and three “Twin Triforces” on her left hand, right hand, and her forehead. The three snakes belongs to “Clouded Headed Lady.” Then a god came to them, the “Golden Lady” and “Clouded Headed Lady” was surprise.

The god told them that they are Goddesses. 

The Three Snakes wrap around their Goddess and was in shock. Also the god told them to be prepared and ready for danger because the god told them that one day, that one year, that evil shall rule the world and destroy every single thing on its path! The two Goddesses were in shock, so they protect the land. The Clouded Headed Lady made her land and Golden Lady has two lands to protect....thanks for a help of the The Three Golden Goddesses making the land, laws, and habits.

As it, many years there. An Evil Demon stormed up, coming from the ground, 

and releasing or unleashing the monster below.

The land was in great danger! The people of the land was suffering! 
“The Golden Lady” came from the Heaven skies and unleashing her attacks. 
But she wasn't that strong to fight more. 
“The Golden Lady” was injured and barley could even to attack.
Then, “The Clouded Headed Lady came from Heaven's Skies and unleash her abilities! 
She attack every monsters coming towards her, 

she was the powerful Goddess!

But, that was long time ago....


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