The Legend of ZELDA The Reborn Goddess of the Olds Chapter 1: Upon a Legend Ones Upon time of a Legend, there's a goddess that she the Greatest Goddess Queen. She's the first Goddess was born when the world existed. She also learned words and more land. She found Three Goddesses name by the symbol they had. The Greatest Goddess Queen had three triforces on the forehead, her left hand, and her right hand, the three goddesses had only one triforce on their hands. The three goddesses help The Greatest Goddess Queen to color the land and themselves so it looks beautiful. Then when everything's color, people appears and more places, kingdoms,Gods, Light Spirits, Dragons, sages, and more land. Then something bad happen. The Triforce turn BLACK. Everyone gasp and they loss their power and Evil had powerful magic and winning. The BLACK TRIFORCE is leading the evil to victory. The Triforce is only ones who made it to the chosen ones. The Triforce grants three wishes who ever touches it. When evil face the Greatest Goddess Queen. His title was the same title from DARK LORD but with JR. in it. The “Evil Man” face her and battle her. The Greatest Goddess Queen had release her ONLY power called “The Triforce Slash.” As she use it, the mysterious LADS IN GREEN comes then defeats the Evil Man and seals him away in a legendary sword, not just a sword but a Legendary God sword. The Greatest Goddess Queen retires to fight. As the Greatest Goddess Queen resting while sitting and thinking how would feel as a citizen while her “oldest young hero” protects her, the Evil Dark Lord Jr. attacks the kingdom and attacks her. “Deal or no deal?” He question. “What's the deal?” She ask. “The deal give me your powers or if you say no “deal” you'll be seal away in my sword.” he answer. “No deal!” She replied. As the Evil DARK LORD JR. is getting ready to seal her, the Greatest Goddess Queen use the “The Triforce Slash” but the LADS IN GREEN didn't came yet as she attacks the Evil Dark Lord. But she not POWERFUL enough to fight. The Evil DARK LORD JR. seal hear away and at last {the Lads in Green came sadly late to help or save the Greatest Goddess Queen. The Greatest Goddess Queen is transform back into a baby and seal her away inside of the God Sword.} When the Lads in Green seal the DARK LORD JR. like always...they're all sad to see her seal away and her “Oldest young hero” is also sad so he left a {music note to a goddess name Hylia} and he left her kingdom and disappears sadly. There's a new legend of all the Hero, the other hero from another world and a princess from another world, but not just a world, but from the Time to Age, to Past to present, to Future to what really happens next.

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