The Legend of ZELDA The Lost Symphony Chapter 2: Mysterious dream

It begins, it shows the little girl's feet as she running

???: shouting “DADDY!!! HELP ME!!!!!!” Then it shows an evil man's feet while he's chasing that little girl yelling

???: he laughs evilly “HEHEH!!” ???: she still shouting ”DADDY HELP MEE!!!!!” As she burst into tears.

???: the evil man appears front of the little girl that shows his face all dark and you can see his red eyes not show their real faces. As he grabs the little girl and puts his sword close to little girl's neck. Then it show a man legs fighting a phantom evil man. As the evil show up to the man the little girl shouts again.

???: “DADDY!!! HELP MEEE!!!!!”

???: the man gasp, then he face the evil man. It show the evil man with a little girl not show their real faces.

???: the evil man speaks “one step closer, I will take your soul/heart, then this petty girl will be seal away in my sword!”

???: little girl shouts again “DON'T DO IT DADDY!!! I CAN DO IT DADDY!! DON'T DO IT DADDY PLEASE!!!!”

???: the man couldn't stand and longer so he went forward to save the little girl.

???: the evil man summons his Dark Warriors and the Dark Warriors took the man's soul/heart and the man collapse and the man dies. The evil man throws the little girl on the floor next to the man.

???: little girl is crying and yelling to the man “DADDY NOOOOO!!!” Crying “DADDY!!!! DADDY NOOOO!!!!!” Then the evil man is laughing

???: the evil man laughing “Hahahha!!” Then everything got dark and cloudy then that same little girl appears not show herself and a young lad appears floating at noting hearing the little girl speaks.

???: “you have been awaken.....young hero. Link. I am looking for help our world of Hev..

Link: “....?” He said noting but turning around, looking for that little girl is.

???: I am looking for help our worlds....evil is back to get his revenge on us and you.....he's looking for you to kill you.....I am in grave danger..... Then Link hears the little girl shouting

???: “DAD-LINK HELP ME PLEASE!!!! HHHHEEEELLLPPP MMMEEE!!! DDDDDAAAADDDYYYY!!!!!!” Link is on the ground finding the little girl and hears the little girls voice change

???: “WAKE UP LINK!!! WAKE UP!!!!” Then it shows a women

???: “GET UP!!!!” Echoed Then Link woke up really got scare in a mysterious dream.

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